About this course

In this social science course we will discuss various methods, strategies and skills within macro social work practice, used to help identify and address needs on a larger scale. You will gain knowledge and skills in the areas of community organizing, management, and policy advocacy, and learn about the various roles social workers play within these areas. 

This course will provide an appreciation of the historical and contemporary importance of these social work methods and the relevance of these methods for diverse populations and identities. 

We will focus on:  understanding the context of macro practice; identifying community and organizational interventions to address social needs and problems; organizing and building relationships within communities and organizations; organization-based and community-based policy making, planning, and program development.  You will also learn concepts and practice skills involving assessment, problem solving and intervention planning at the macro level, and strategies to work effectively with communities and organizations.

Content includes reflective practice and utilizing interpersonal skills in macro practice. This course is part of the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MicroMasters Program offered by MichiganX.

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Learning Formats: Videos