About this course

This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps. This course examines the challenges and solutions of incorporating your database into a DevOps software development process. This course will help you understand the challenges of working with various data stores while developing and changing your software at a rapid pace.You will learn where and how databases can fit into DevOps processes.

The course will cover:  Committing database code to a version control system (VCS), Continuous Integration and unit testing database code. Release management for databases, in areas such as release gates, deploying releases to multiple environments, validating deployments with smoke tests and rolling back deployments. Monitoring database code, branching and merging database code, cross databases dependencies, upgrading multiple databases, federated databases, dark launching, error handling and cleaning up technical debt with databases.  

Finally, while the course will primarily use Microsoft SQL Server (and tailor our examples for it), other relational or non-relational database platforms have similar concepts that can be applied.

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Learning Formats: Videos