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This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data. As a data pro, you know that some scenarios - particularly those involving real-time analytics, site personalization, IoT, and mobile apps - are better addressed with NoSQL storage and compute solutions than they are with relational databases. Microsoft Azure has several NoSQL (or Not Only SQL) non-relational data storage options to choose from. NoSQL databases are generally built to be distributed and partitioned across many servers. And they're built to scale out for high availability and to be flexible enough to handle semi-structured and unstructured data. 

If you have a data model that is constantly evolving and you want to move fast, that's what these databases are about. In this practical course, complete with labs, assessments, and a final exam, join the experts to learn how NoSQL has evolved over time. Explore non-relational data storage options in Azure, and see how to use them in your applications. 

Find out how to create, store, manage, and access data in these different storage options. Get an in-depth look at Azure Table Storage, DocumentDB, MongoDB, and more. Learn about the three Vs - variety (schemas or scenarios that evolve quickly), volume (scale in terms of data storage), and velocity (throughput needs to support a large user base). 

Take this opportunity to get hands-on with NoSQL options in Azure.

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